Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Celebrity Ordinaries

Hong Kong celebrities are humans. In fact, they are the ordinaries! What do I mean by ordinaries? Continue to read below!

They pick food out of their mouth (Nancy Wu).
But seriously, who doesn't do that when those things can be so annoying!
They can't resist the tempation of cute little toys (Roger Kwok).
This reminds me of his character in Life Made Simple.
tThey can't resist shopping (Sammuel Chan).
He's a man, but so what?! Who said man can't shop?

They do hilarious things infront of the mirror (Sammuel Chan).
I mean... it's normal... I did it before.
They run away from angry citizens (Louis Koo).
I think he was filming a commercial. This guy's too hot to be angry at.
They visit their relative at a hospital (GiGi Lai).
This was awhile ago. Her brother is recovering right now ^__^
They stare at foods when their stomach rumbles (Linda Chung & Raymond Lam).
How many people do this? And yes... it's normal!
They spy and take pictures of people sleeping (Sammuel Chan).
Seems like he does a lot of interesting things...
They check to make sure the receipt is right (Charmaine Sheh).
Hey! That's a good habit!
They show off their foods (Vivien Yeo).
What's with the giant glasses?

You should have a better understanding of the-so-called-celebrity-ordinaries by now. If not, I'm really speechless. haha... But like I said, they're celebrities and they're famous, but they're just humans who do things like us.

An apology

I apologize for the super long hiatus. I was so busy with school that I had no choice, but to leave the blog hanging for the past two years. I am now back with updates and I hope you guys still support the blog. If you have any suggestions or comments, plese feel free to let me know. Afterall, criticisms does make make one improve!

Thanks for the continuous support. If you noticed, I have deleted all old entries. Actually, I'm recycling them so it'll be back up very sooon.